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Private Duty Nursing

Private Duty Nursing

Patients (and their families) prefer receiving quality care in the comfort of their homes. Private Duty Nurses (PDN) are eligible professionals who work through hospital and nursing agencies, delivering healthcare services to a patient or two.

Private duty nursing also involves the family in the care plan. We inform and update the family of the current status of the patient and encourage them to assist and participate in the delivery of care.

Our Registered nurses and licensed practical nurses are well trained to provide specialized nursing care in the comfort of your home.

OUR TEAM CAN HELP YOU manage your complex medical needs at home by providing:

  • Tracheostomy care
  • Ventilator care
  • Respiratory treatments
  • Catheter and ostomy care
  • Gastrostomy (feeding tube) care
  • Nasogastric (N-G) tube care
  • Medication and injection administration
  • Enteral nutrition
  • Infusion
  • Cardiac Anomalies
  • Tracheostomies
  • IV Therapies
  • Tube Feedings
  • Wound Care
  • Colostomy Care
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Medication Administration
  • Oxygen saturations
  • Endocrine Diseases/ Disorders

For more information about our Personal Support services, call us at 770-912-8105.

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Private Duty Nursinghttps://bethelhomeservice.com/private-duty-nursing/


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